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A quick look at Development and Main Benefits


University testing and development:

A great deal of University and site testing has taken place in the theoretical and practical development of Instant Screw Piles.
Theoretical models have been developed for sand, clay and rock strata and calibrated back to field results for the performance of Screw Piles. Relationships between soil strength parameters, strata density, installation torque and load bearing capacity have been established which provide a quality control method for utilisation in the field. This has resulted in the greatest engineering and consumer confidence in Screw Piling.


The Main Benefits of Screw Piling Include:

  • Fastest Pile Installation Method Available
  • Loads Up To 30 tonne In Some Cases
  • Installation At Any Angle
  • Rock Engaging Piles
  • Segmented Piles (limited head height)
  • No Vibration or Noise (environmental restraints)
  • Difficult Access Sites Easily Handled
  • Wasteage Eliminated (concrete/soil)
  • Massive Reduction In Concrete Quantity Compared to Traditional Methods
  • Factory Manufactured Piles For Greater Quality
  • Excellent For Sand Soils with High Water Tables



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