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Commercial and Industrial Screw Piling

Queensland Screwpiers screw piles can be used for commercial applications be it a commercial building or o footbridge or walkway, without the need for special access or earthworks . Piers can be installed with loads up to 30 tonnes, with any length as required.  This makes the screwpier extremely versatile for a large range of projects, whether as per engineers design or as a substitute for bored piers in difficult situations.

Queensland Screwpiers offer a more cost effective solution to traditional piling rigs which can be very expensive to purchase and operate because of the unique nature of their applications. Screw piles however can be installed from excavator based equipment which in addition to installing screw piles, can be used for all the purpose built applications that an excavator would be used for. This results in much lower site establishment and operation costs for the equipment and therefore has a benefit of lowering the total installation price. The rates of production and installation of screw piles also exceed the installation rate of other piling methods. Screw piles are fabricated in a quality controlled factory environment. This results in the raw product (fabricated screw piles) being of very high quality.

The added advantage of vibration free piling is applicable on commercial building sites where the site may be surrounded by sensitive and inflexible structures. In this case, a piling system which may cause vibration, may increase the risk of damage to adjacent buildings and could possible initiate litigation between the building owners and piling contractor.